Shelter & Counseling Center

Support For A Better Tomorrow

The shelter program operated by Parks Youth Ranch, Inc is offered to youth ages 7 to 17 for up to 90 days. Shelter, education and mental health are our primary focus areas for the residents at Parks Youth Ranch. Individual and group counseling services are available to all residents at The George Counseling Center. We are very appreciative of the partnership with Fort Bend Independent School District for helping us to meet the educational needs of our residents .


On-site intervention is provided at the George Counseling Center. Assessments and counseling services are provided for youth who have experienced trauma, homelessness or abuse and neglect.

The primary objectives of both the shelter and counseling center programs are to provide an in-depth assessment of the individual challenges that keep the youth out of the home and develop a well thought out and realistic plan that addresses the unique circumstances of each resident. Permanency, stability, safety and emotional well-being in after care placements are the optimal goals for each youth.


  • The ranch shelter is licensed to house youth from the age of 7 to 17 for up to 90 days.
  • Transportation to school is provided by the school districts and shelter staff.
  • Shelter staff provides or make arrangements with other service providers to offer tutoring, life skills, behavioral modification
  • Arrangements are made for psychological testing and substance abuse counseling for youth who are in need of those services.
  • Shelter staff transport youth to medical and dental services and other appointments as necessary.
  • Referrals are made to other agencies as appropriate.