Educational Credit Recovery for PYR Residents - Volunteer Opportunity

Calling all retired teachers and professionals - We are pleased to announce the continuation of the online credit recovery initiative for the residents at PYR!  Our residents are HOMELESS...which means they do not get the chance to live the life of a normal teen!  Due to circumstances beyond their control, they struggle to survive and simply fall behind in their studies!  Its no wonder that so many of our kiddos are lacking numerous course credits on their official school transcripts!

FBISD and PYR are working together to ensure that PYR students enroll in an online credit recovery program.  Both FBISD and PYR will be providing scheduled opportunities for the students to participate and gain some of those missing credits!  This will enable them to focus on their studies after hours at PYR.  Subject matter to be covered is Math, Science, ELA and Social Studies.

Volunteer Opportunity includes Evenings from 6-8pm and Weekends from 1-3pm.  This opportunity is an ongoing opportunity!

Volunteer Duties - general oversight, coursework assistance/tutoring and exam proctoring

Location - Parks Youth Ranch Counseling Center

Time commitment : Weekly for 2-4 hours is preferred ~ However, we will schedule you for any time you have to offer!

Please contact Tracy Schindler, PYR Program Coordinator, for more information! tschindler@parksyouthranch.org



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