Cowboy Up - 2020

Cowboy Up - 2020

Thank you for making Cowboy Up a great success! Presenting Sponsor Fred & Mabel R. Parks Foundation Sheriff Sponsor Robert W. & Geraldine C Simmer Foundation Deputy Sponsors Patt & Dick Hogan JIm Murray Insurance & Financial Rancher Sponsors Audience Engagement Group Gwen & Kolbe Curtice Next Level Urgent Care Kathy & Bill Rohrbach Pat & Brad Somers Michelle & David Tripulas Vaquero Sponsors Benefits Concepts - Josh Pipes Camp Construction Kris Cobb Stephanie & Aaron Dobbs Kathy & Mark Eyring Grand Mission Dentistry Mary Mason Kyle & Michael Nelson St. Laurence Social Concerns Sugar Land First United Methodist Church Desperado Sponsors Kara & Jonathan Chapman Jackie & Willem deGroot Elmsmere Associates Tamara & Andrius Kontrimas Connie & Rene Lapotaire Jackie & Donald Parker University of Houston


Save the Date for Cowboy Up 2021

October 2, 2021

The Lodge at Safari Texas



$20,000 Presenting - Sold to Fred & Mabel R. Parks Foundation
$10,000 Sheriff - Sold to Robert and Geraldine Simmer Foundation
$5,000 Deputy - Jim Murray Insurance and Financial & Patt and Dick Hogan
$2,750 Rancher
$1,250 Vaquero
$500 – Desperado